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Minutes of the Nov 7, 2010 KFES Annual Meeting

Minutes of the KFES Annual Meeting
Sunday, November 7, 2010
The Hangar Restaurant
St. Petersburg, Florida

Call to Order. At 3:00 pm the meeting was called to order by the KFES president, Tõnu Toomepuu. Jaan Kuuskvere was elected to chair the meeting and Maare Kuuskvere to take minutes.

Mr. Kuuskvere called on Pastor Priit Rebane to begin the KFES meeting with a prayer. We remembered members who passed away this past year: Helmut Lelov, Juta Koik Uusvell, Glen Nurk, Marie Luts, and Riida Sepri.

Minutes of the 2009-2010 Annual Meeting. On motion made and seconded, members unanimously voted to pass on the reading of the Secretary’s Minutes of last year’s Annual Meeting and accepted them as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer reviewed last year’s budget and actual revenues and expenditures, which had been confirmed by the KFES audit committee. On motion made and seconded, the Treasurer’s report of the November 2009-October 2010 budget was approved.

The Treasurer presented the proposed budget for November 2010-October 2011. It projects a balanced budget with income and expenses each totaling $3,220.00. It is based on the approval of a proposal to raise annual membership dues from $10.00 to $15.00 per individual. It also includes a proposal that the KFES discontinue its contribution to the Estonian Archives. On motion made and seconded, the members approved the membership dues increase, the elimination of a contribution to the Estonian Archives, and the balanced budget for 2010-2011.

Activities for 2010-2011. President Tõnu Toomepuu presented the proposed schedule of activities for 2010-2011, based on KFES’s past level of activities. On motion made and seconded, the membership approved the following activities through November 2011:

Luncheon meetings December 5, 2010; January 2, 2011; February 6, 2011 (subsequently changed to January 30, 2011 from 3:00-5:00 pm); April 3, 2011; May 1, 2011; and October 2, 2011
Estonian Independence Day Celebration on February 26, 2011
St. John’s Day Picnic on June 25, 2011
Annual Meeting November 6, 2011 (2011-2012)

New Business. Monika Orumaa Craig appealed to the members to donate to a charitable program organized by her church.

Old Business. Monika Orumaa Craig encouraged members, no matter what their age, to consider running for election to the KFES Board and serving in leadership positions in the KFES; widespread participation is needed to sustain the organization. Monika was thanked, with applause, for her leadership organizing the musical program for the 2010 Estonian Independence Day program.

Elections. On motion made and second, the members re-elected Board and audit committee members:

Tõnu Toomepuu -president
Monika Orumaa Craig – vice president
Lisa Mets – vice president
Maare Kuuskvere – secretary
Rein Raja – treasurer
Triin Karr – member at large

Heino Luts, Jaan Kuuskvere, Erkki Taada – auditors

Open Discussion. Members discussed two topics. First, they explored program/speaker ideas for the 2011 Estonian Independence Day Celebration. The KFES Board will continue to work on the development of a program/identification of a speaker. Second, Kersti and Jüri Linask, recently re-elected to ERKÜ (Estonian American National Council), commented on ERKÜ’s recent meeting and activities. Kersti mentioned she and Monika Orumaa Craig, who was recently elected to ERKÜ, serve on ERKÜ’s planning committee. Kersti invited KFES members to email her ideas for ways ERKÜ might be strengthened. Jüri reminded members that historically a major source of support for ERKÜ came from donations from Estonians in the US; he encouraged members to give to ERKÜ.

There being no further business before the membership, the meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

KFES Liikmed at The Hangar

KFES Liikmed at The Hangar

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