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A Wonderful April Picnic to Send Us Off to Summer

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, more than 30 members of the Estonian Society of Central Florida/Kesk Florida Eesti Selts gathered for our traditional April birthday celebration and potluck picnic. Once again, we gathered at the lovely waterside picnic grounds that are part of the Seminole Isles condominium association where Anneliis Kuusik lives. Thank you, Anneliis, for making this possible! It’s the perfect size for us and we love it here!

Our potluck lunches are always a delight! Our wonderful members continue to offer Estonian-style traditional dishes (Anneliis Kuusik’s sauerkraut, Astrid Normet’s and Kaie Põhi Latterner’s rosolje, and Reet Cabrera’s potato salad); Jae Toomepuu’s herring and rye and salmon and white bread sandwiches; and Marju and Dallas Dishmey’s empanadas, Virve Kai Bulla’s porgandi pirukas, and Anne Holda’s kringel. This year, for dessert, we also enjoyed three traditional French pastry tarts; thank you, Vincent Delaidatti! And oh yes, there was champagne generously contributed by Tõnu Toomepuu and perfect for our birthday celebration. Sincere apologies to those whose names and dishes aren’t listed; we lost track of the details!

Our members enjoyed the time together in great conversation. This is the last official event of the Estonian Society of Central Florida/Kesk Florida Eesti Selts “academic” season and our opportunity to send everyone off for summer with our best wishes. We are on break now for the summer and plan to see each other again “officially” in October.

Please visit our web site in September for information about the date and location when we meet again in October. If you’re in our area before then–drop us a line! We always love to get together in “unofficial” ways too! In the meantime, have a great summer!

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