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Kesk Florida Eesti Seltsi (KFES) Eesti Vabariigi 98.a. Aastapäeva Tähistamine

Sel aastal tähistame Eesti Vabariigi 98. aastapäeva 20. veebruaril, 2016, Clearwater, Floridas. Nagu eelmistel aastatel toimub see ka sel aastal Countryside Country Club’is. Meil on põnev ja tore kava külalistele!

Meie aukülaline on eesti suursaatkonnast Ameerikas – lgp. pr. Marki Tihhonova-Kreek, suursaatkonna asetäitja.

Tulge võtke osa meie programmist “Kas tunned maad, mis Peipsi rannalt käib Läänemere kaldale…” ja õppige meie kallist kodumaad paremini tundma!

Kavas on langenute mälestamine, loterii (palun tooge midagi loterii lauale), eesti muusikat, ühislalule, maitsev lõunasöök – saate kokku vanade ja uute sõpradega ilusas päikesepaistelises soojas Floridas! Tulge – ühtuge meiega, et austada meie kallist isamaad!

Kus: Countryside Country Club
Millal: laupäeval, 20. veebruaril, 2016 a. kell 11:00 e.l.
Reservatsioon: Maare Kuuskvere 941-795-6835 jaank@verizon.net
(vajalik) Lõunasöök: $35 (lapsed rohkem kui kolm aastat vana – $23)
3001 Countryside Boulevard, Clearwater, FL
Palun märkida tšekile Teie valik lõunasöögiks: kana või kala (basa)

Tšekk saata: (“Estonian Society of Central Florida” – hiljemalt 10. veebruariks!)
Anneliis Kuusik (kuusika09@aol.com; 860-810-3469)
7069 Key Haven Road, #505
Seminole, FL 33777-3856

Estonian Society of Central Florida Estonia’s 98th Independence Day Celebration

This year we are commemorating the 98th anniversary of Estonia’s Independence Day on Saturday, February 20th, 2016, in Clearwater, FL. As in previous years, the event will be held at the Countryside Country Club. We have a fun and interesting program to offer our guests!

Our honored guest speaker this year is from the Estonian Embassy in Washington D.C. – Mrs. Marki Tihhonova-Kreek, Deputy Chief of Mission.

Come take part in our program “How well do you know Estonia? – Kas tunned maad, mis Peipsi rannalt käib

Läänemere kaldale…” and learn more about our homeland. There will also be plenty of Estonian music and sing-a-long opportunities!

Our program also includes a fallen soldiers memorial, the ever popular lottery (please remember to bring a contribution to the lottery table), a tasty lunch and time to reminisce with old friends as well as to meet new ones here in warm, sunny Florida. Come join us to honor our homeland!

Where: Countryside Country Club
When: Saturday, February 20th, 2016 at 11:00 a.m.
Reservations: Maare Kuuskvere 941-795-6835 jaank@verizon.net
(required) Lunch: $35 (children older than three years of age – $23)
3001 Countryside Boulevard, Clearwater, FL
Please mark your choice for lunch on your check: chicken or fish (basa)

Send checks to: (“Estonian Society of Central Florida” – no later than February 10th)
Anneliis Kuusik (kuusika09@aol.com; 860-810-3469)
7069 Key Haven Road, #505
Seminole, FL 33777-3856

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Nearly 45 members of the Estonian Society of Central Florida (Kesk Florida Eesti Selts (KFES)) gathered together today at 2:00 pm, Sunday, January 3, 2016, to inaugurate their First Annual Eesti Supi ja Võileiva Lõunasöök (Estonian Soup and Sandwich Luncheon). This brainchild of KFES members Kaie Põhi Latterner and Anneliis Kuusik was a big hit among all the members. The location was the community room at the Seminole Isles condominium complex (Seminole, FL) that recently became home to Anneliis Kuusik and her mother Linia Elmend. What a fabulous location this was!

While this luncheon was a potluck, it had one caveat: Everything everyone brought had to be prepared according to traditional Estonian recipes. (Well, OK, the wine was from California.) And what a feast there was! This description will only touch on some of the specialties on the table; there isn’t enough room here to mention everything. Host Kaie Põhi Latterner and her husband Steve and their friend Tina Kõiva prepared frikadelli supp. Anneliis and her mother Linia and their friend Tiiu Messner prepared herne supp. Kaie and Tina also made kapsa pirukas and Kaie made her famous kohupiima kook. Members’ sandwiches were made with herring, salmon, smoked fish, ham, juust (cheese), and vorst (salami). There were liha pirukad and a porgandi pirukas. We also filled our plates with rosolje, kartulisalat, ja taidetud munad. Dessert with Kaie’s kohupiima kook included an õuna kook and an amazing torte that looked like a Napoleon torte only it was made with layers of Russian tea cookies and greek yogurt. There was also room for Kalev chocolates on the table.

In between multiple visits to the delicious smorgasbord table and delightful conversations, we engaged in a rousing songfest led by Kaie on the accordion. Our laululeht included all our favorites: Kaugel, Kaugel; Mu Isamaa Armas; Viljandi Paadimees; Meie Koome Kangast; Kõik Maailma Uhked Roosid; Laurentius; Mulgimaal Ella Hää; Mets Mühiseb; Ma Tahaksin Kodus Olla; Kungla Rahvas; Vändra Metsas; ja Ma Vaatsin Paadist Kiikriga. If you don’t remember the words or the melodies, we invite you to join us when we gather next to celebrate Vabariigi Aastapaev (Estonian Independence Day) on February 20, 2016. Information about that event is posted on this website.

The Estonian Society of Central Florida (Kesk Florida Eesti Selts) extends a HUGE thank-you to everyone who participated today and especially to Kaie and her husband Steve and Anneliis and her mother Linia and their very special friends Tiiu and Tina (on holiday from the northeast) who made this afternoon possible. Kaie, Steve, Anneliis, Linia, Tiiu and Tina took care of all local arrangements and served as cooks, hosts, and entertainers. We are so glad Kaie and Steve and Anneliis and Linia chose to relocate to St. Petersburg and join the Estonian Society of Central Florida (Kesk Florida Eesti Selts). They have greatly invigorated our association’s heart and soul. Veel kord suur, suur tänu!

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