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Thanks to the wonderful suggestion by our own married couple, Latvian Livija and Estonian Peep Rebane, the local Latvian community and Estonian community celebrated Ligo-Jaanipäev together on Saturday, June 22, 2019, at Point Brittany, St. Petersburg, Florida. All of the credit for this wonderful celebration goes to the Latvian community who extended their invitation to our Estonian community for a joint celebration. An enormous thank you from the Estonian community goes to our Latvian host, Ms. Dace Nebare, and her many Latvian co-hosts, who organized the program (music, dance, prize competitions, and remarks), set up and cleaned up the lovely Point Brittany ballroom, organized the fabulous smorgasbord table of Latvian and Estonian dishes, and planned the outdoor activities around the bonfire. We started at 5:00 and festivities concluded at 10:30 pm. Enjoy the photos!

Latvian accordionist Kaspars, Estonian accordionist Kaie Põhi Latterner, and local Latvian musicians gave us lots of opportunities to sing and dance!

An amazing collection of Latvian and Estonian dishes resulted in a smorgasbord that was an absolute delight!

Making wreaths is a Latvian tradition for Ligo.

Singing and dancing around the bonfire was a wonderful way to conclude the evening.


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