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Thirty-five hungry members of the Estonian Society of Central Florida/Kesk Florida Eesti Selts gathered for their favorite January annual soup and sandwich lunch on Saturday, January 25, 2020, at 2:00 pm, in the lovely community room at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Seminole, Florida. A fabulous smorgasbord of Estonian-style soups, sandwiches, pasteet, Korean dumplings, meatballs, salads, and desserts were enjoyed. Yes, frikadelli supp, kapsarulli soup, and borscht delighted us all. Heeringa-, kilu- and lõhe kala võileivad were delicious. Tasty kartuli salat and rosolje were on the table too. There were desserts galore with bakers taking advantage of the Florida strawberry season, a little rum for the rum cake, warm bread pudding and unbeatable chocolate chip cookies. Oh my! It was a feast! The highlight of the afternoon was the introduction of Karneelia and Marmeelia Dishmey, accompanied by their proud parents Marju and Dallas Dishmey. Karneelia and Marmeelia are just three months old! Welcome to our community! Enjoy our photos!

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